Success stories



I began workouts with Data Driven 3 weeks ago.  I really enjoy the faciliies, and the atmosphere is high energy! My exit velo was between 53 and 60 mph the first collection of data.  Now, my average exit velo is 68 with my high of 75.7.  One hour seems like 15 minutes of working out as they move you in and out of your drills! I love it so much, I got my boyfriend coming as well!!!



I love the energy of the staff as well as the music and excitement of DDA. You are pushed to workout harder than you thought possible and because of that, you get real results! When you look up at the radar and see a number, it makes you want more! I love to see my exit velo, launch angle and distance of each ball, just makes you excited to keep working.  i struggled staying in the low 50’s at first, now my average is 65.3 exit velo. Thanks DDA.





The Data Driven way just works!  My first day there, my average exit velocity was 59.42, but after 2 weeks it is up to 70.6… over 11 pmh increase!!! Makes me excited to see what I can get to!



I signed my son up as a 10 year old, hoping to get him some fundamentals.  The staff at DDA has been amazing working with him and continuously encouraging him as he works. His confidence has gone through the roof and it has made a total change in his game!